Wood Stove Decathlon – Low Emissions Prize

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 Awards | Blogs & Information Comments
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The Alliance for Green Heat hosted first ever Wood Stove Decathlon in 2013. The event challenged teams to design and build a clean wood stove that was low-emitting, high efficiency, innovative and affordable.

A Maryland-based team of fire scientists accepted the challenge, entering a stove they called Mulciber. Ten judges tested & assessed the entries from 14 teams.

The Mulciber Stove took home the low emissions prize, emitting fewer particulates than any other stove. At 0.2 grams per hour, the Mulciber Stove is 23 times cleaner than the current EPA emissions standards. This clean wood stove actually emits less than half the smoke of a single cigarette.

Little did the team know that they had discovered the cleanest & most efficient wood stove ever tested. MF Fire was born. The Mulciber Stove is now the Catalyst and is available to consumers.

View the results at the Alliance for Green Heat here.