Our Story

MF Fire is a fire technology company leveraging advanced combustion science to engineer superior fire products.

Fire has been the catalyst of human progress since Prometheus stole it from the gods.

In 2012, the wood energy industry had a problem with fire. The EPA had developed a new series of emission regulations that threatened to eliminate all but six wood stoves from the market. Yet, environmentalists in the industry knew that wood heat was something worth saving. It’s renewable, it’s local, and it harnesses an element central to the human story–fire.

The original student team from the University of Maryland Department of Fire Protection Engineering

Enter Taylor Myers and Ryan Fisher, graduate student fire protection engineers. Taylor and Ryan were used to solving problems with fire. When they were approached by a professor working with the wood energy industry to develop a clean, efficient “next generation wood stove,” they accepted the challenge.

At the 2013 Wood Stove Decathlon, Taylor and Ryan discovered that not only had they developed a clean and efficient wood stove, but they had developed the cleanest and most efficient wood stove ever tested. These student engineers used their ingenuity and love for problem solving to surpass every major manufacturer in the industry. Catalyst™ not only solves the environmental problems of heating with wood burning stoves, but also uses smart control technology to bring wood energy bursting into the 21st century.

Ryan Fisher and Taylor Myers at the second wood stove design challenge.

Encouraged by the joint enthusiasm of environmentalists and techies alike, Taylor and Ryan knew they had to bring Catalyst to market. They teamed up with 28 year business veteran Paul LaPorte to develop a commercial model of the stove and Catalyst is officially available for sale.

Catalyst is truly the beginning of a new era of wood energy. It’s renewable, it’s clean, and it’s beautiful. It provides all the benefits of a roaring fire, without any of the environmental cost. Thanks to a little creative thinking, Taylor, Ryan, and Paul engineered a way to keep the wood energy industry alive–they engineered the perfect burn in their wood burning stoves.

Industry Clean Energy Champion

MF Fire is committed to delivering the cleanest wood stove technology on the planet. As a testament to our commitment, we have won every low emissions competition or prize the wood stove industry has hosted since we started MF Fire. Each low emissions result was measured by an EPA certified lab tester. It all starts with our unique and proprietary smart technology that continuously optimizes your fire under any circumstance. Different wood types, moisture levels, elevation, you name it – we make sure every fire is perfect every time. What does this mean for you? It means you never have to worry about your fire. You can rest assured that our wood burning stoves will start quickly and easily, and continue to burn all day hands free, no matter what – always delivering the best possible fire with optimal heat.

What We Believe

  • We believe in fire
  • We believe fire can deliver wonderful heat and experience
  • We believe our technology delivers the perfect fire under any circumstance
  • We believe in the sustainability of wood heat
  • We believe you should get the most value from each and every load of wood, avoiding wasted heat, or incomplete burns
  • We believe fire can be a clean energy source, when using superior technology to manage your burn
  • We believe heating with wood should be easy and hassle free
  • We believe you should be able to control your fire to meet your needs – your ideal temperature and comfort – all at the touch of a button.
  • We believe fire shouldn’t be hard, or require undue effort to start and manage
  • We believe your heat should be powered locally, without dependence on places most of us have never visited
  • We believe every community should be able to have clean air, but individuals have the freedom to choose a lifestyle that suits them

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Our Team

Taylor Myers, CTO

Taylor Myers is Chief Technical Officer and brings exceptional combustion expertise to MF Fire. The technological wonk of the team, Taylor co-led the development of the Catalyst, using his combustion expertise to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions. A Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering, Taylor has a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland. Taylor was named a 2014 Maryland Innovator of the Year.

Ryan Fisher, COO

Ryan Fisher is Chief Operating Officer and brings real-world experience to the team as a risk-assessment fire protection engineer. Ryan used his engineering expertise to perfect the design of the Catalyst and ensure its market viability. He is excited to combine his passion for environmental technology with his entrepreneurial experience. Ryan has a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland.

Paul LaPorte, CEO

Paul LaPorte is Chief Executive Officer and brings 28 years of high growth technology leadership to MF Fire. Paul excels at establishing new firms as thought and market leaders. Paul founded and led several venture and angel backed startups, including Fusion Smartband, LoyaltyWorks, and RegistrationSite. Previously, he was COO at ClearPath Immigration, VP of Marketing at Evergreen Assurance  and Global Manager for SaaS Solutions at Proofpoint . Paul received a B.S. in Engineering from MIT and a MBA from Georgetown.