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Wood Stove Reviews & Testimonials

Testimonial - Carol Nelson

Carol Nelson

We purchased our Nova wood stove several months ago, but it took a while for our installer to get it installed since they were so busy. But now that it is installed, we couldn’t be happier. We had a few questions prior to purchasing and the sales folks at MF Fire answered all of our […]

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Testimonial - Bob Gwinn

Bob Gwinn

Just so awesome. Looks so great in our log cabin but is fun too. Fire burns beautiful. So safe and we have loved the customer service and everything about his company and stove.

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Testimonial - Prof. James Milke’s Review

Prof. James Milke’s Review

It’s safe to say that Professor James Milke, Ph.D., P.E. is a fire safety expert. Prof. Milke is the current Chair of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland and the Past President of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. “The safety innovations MF Fire developed, especially concerning fire prevention and […]

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Testimonial - Sam and Cassandra Billotti

Sam and Cassandra Billotti

In some ways, Sam and Cassandra Billotti are the perfect beta-testers for the Catalyst. The couple has been using wood or corn as a primary heat source for the better part of their thirty year marriage. The Billottis purchased their current home in Ringgold, MD in February 2010 and were excited to add the Catalyst […]

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Testimonial - Dr. Anthony Gerber

Dr. Anthony Gerber

As someone that sees patients with lung disease that is worsened by air pollution,  I’m excited for the potential of Catalyst to reduce the emission of particulate matter that is typically associated with wood burning fireplaces and stoves. – Dr. Anthony Gerber

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Testimonial - Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald

I heard about MF Fire in Smithsonian Magazine. I was going to purchase a different wood stove from Woodstock Soapstone, but after hearing about MF Fire I did some research. What others were saying was over the top good. So decided to try for myself. This is the best wood stove I have ever had. […]

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Testimonial - Casey Willson

Casey Willson

I met Taylor and Ryan, the founders of MF Fire and inventors of the Catalyst, almost three years ago. They came to me in my capacity as Main Street and Sustainability Programs Manager for the Small Business Development Center at The University of Maryland, College Park. Their technology excited me so much on that very first […]

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Testimonial - The Stafford Family

The Stafford Family

My husband and I are building a new home and just received our new Catalyst stove. Can’t wait to try it, but had to share our first experience. Last week my husband called and said, “You aren’t going to believe it, but we just received a 500lb orange present in our driveway.” I had no […]

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Testimonial - Will and Gloria M.

Will and Gloria M.

We’ve heated with wood for years and always loved it, but last spring my chimney sweep came out and told us we had had a bad chimney fire sometime over the winter. It was frightening to think that our house was on fire and we didn’t even know it. That’s why we bought a Catalyst. […]

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Testimonial - April L.

April L.

MF Fire’s customer service is simply the best I have ever experienced. I emailed with questions and Ryan got back to me right away with thorough answers. He called to walk me through the steps of installation and even helped me to find a chimney sweep in my area to install the stove. A couple […]

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Testimonial - Brian S.

Brian S.

Catalyst is the most beautiful thing in my home (except my wife). We got a black Catalyst with a chrome door and a beautiful gray soapstone with lots of rich white veining. My wife loves drinking her morning coffee next to the fire. We are pleased with our stove and have already recommended MF Fire […]

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Testimonial - Aanand Singh

Aanand Singh

Found our new favorite stove in Catalyst. We previously had a Lopi stove. Loved many things about it, but got tired of constantly adjusting the damper to try to regulate room temperature. After much research, we fell in love with Catalyst and its smart controls. We can set the temperature we want for the room […]

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Testimonial - Bill & Tanya

Bill & Tanya

Heated with wood all my life. Missed it when I moved out on my own. Now have a place where I can burn, but with young kids, my wife worried about safety. I found Catalyst when searching for safe wood stoves. Only stove I found that prevents chimney fires and solves other issues. Love it […]

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Testimonial - Jess, Colorado Springs

Jess, Colorado Springs

I consider myself a novice burner, even though my family had a wood stove growing up. Decided I wanted heat all the time after a few outages this winter. As someone not entirely comfortable heating with wood, I looked for convenience. After much research, I decided on a Catalyst stove from MF Fire. The ease-of-use […]

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Testimonial - George S., Charlottesville, VA.

George S., Charlottesville, VA.

After 20 years, it was time to upgrade my stove. I heard about Catalyst from a neighbor. The company is a couple hours from my house and I wanted to check out the product. The guys at MF Fire were great. They met me at the factory and we talked for hour. I’m an engineer, […]

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