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Catalyst Wood Burning Stove
Meet CatalystTM

90% Smart Efficiency Wood Stove More heat; less wood Wood burning stoves starting at $4,325

  • Low Emissions + 2020 EPA Compliant
  • Fastest, Easiest Startup
  • Burns All Night
  • 110 Color Combinations
  • Heat 500 – 2,500 ft2 Home
  • 2.0 ft3 Firebox
Meet DeltaTM

The firepit that goes where you go Stores flat for easy transport Innovative portable design starting at $399

  • 3 pieces
  • Folds flat – less than 1″
  • 30-second assembly
  • Perfect for backyard, beach, camping or tailgating
  • Top opening: 33″x33″x33″
  • Height: 15″
Nova Wood Burning Stove and Insert
Meet NovaTM

High efficiency wood stove for modern wood lifestyles Simple and Easy to Use Premium wood heat starting at $2,695

Now available in two sizes for the NovaTM, Nova TowerTM and Nova InsertTM.

  • 2020 EPA Compliant
  • Light it and enjoy – no adjustments needed
  • 79% – 81% maximum efficiency
  • Massive glass for viewing fire
  • Heats 1500 ft2 – 2500 ft2 Home
  • 1.73 or 2.43 Firebox

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CatalystTM Wood Stove

Our fire science experts made the world’s first smart ultra-clean modern wood burning stove. Catalyst delivers the Perfect BurnTM — an efficient, clean, and safe fire in our clean wood stove for you and your family.

Catalyst Wood Stove Most Efficient Wood Burning Stove

Modern Wood Burning Stoves

  • Hands free operation with the Catalyst Smart App
  • Load it, Light it, Lock it technology for the easiest start of any wood stove
  • Information and safety alerts at your fingertips

Catalyst Benefits

Wood Stove with an App

Control the fire from your smart phone

Ultra Clean Wood Stove

Awarded cleanest wood burning stoves in every industry competition

Smart Wood Stove

Enjoy ideal heat in our clean wood stoves with half the wood using smart technology

Nova Benefits

Wood stove for modern living

Not only does Nova burn brighter, it burns with high efficiency

Large glass front to give you a bright, mesmerizing fire

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