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Small Wood Stove: Introducing Nova by MF Fire

MF Fire is happy to introduce Nova, the newest high efficiency small wood stove in our all-EPA 2020 compliant product line. Nova is a welcome addition for wood burners everywhere, and is what a modern wood stove should be: efficient, low emissions, simple to use and provide great flames with maximum viewing area.

Small wood stove Nova MF Fire

Nova is a small wood stove, designed to heat spaces up to 1,500 square feet in homes and cabins up to 1,500 square feet. Its dimensions allow it to fit almost any fireplace. Nova is a catalytic wood stove that is EPA 2020 certified. We believe it is not only the best small wood stove, but the best wood burning stove for sale anywhere.

Nova excels at providing high heat output (BTU/hr) in a small wood stove form, requiring little or no user interaction. Built with intelligent design on the inside, Nova starts with an efficient fire box and then leverages a secondary burn chamber and advanced catalytic combustor to deliver maximum heat and comfort.


  • 2020 EPA Compliant
  • Light it and enjoy – no adjustments needed
  • 79% maximum efficiency
  • Massive glass for viewing fire
  • Heats 1,500 ft2 Home
  • 1.7 ft3 Firebox
  • 24″ H x 22.5″ W x 19.5″ D
  • 9,000 – 50,000 BTU/hr

Nova is priced from $2,495 and is available today with an optional blower and outside makeup air kit.

If you are seeking the perfect backup heat for when winter or bad weather disrupts your power, are tired of constantly adjusting your stove, or just want to get back to really enjoying your fire, Nova is ideal for you. It is perfect for:

  • Weekend, new or part-time burners
  • Full-time wood burners looking for a simpler experience
  • Rental property owners
  • Ski cabins and vacation homes

If you want a beautiful, modern wood burning stove, combining simple, clean lines with an easy-to-use experience, get your Nova today before winter gets here, or reach out to us via our Contact form for more information or to speak with an MF Fire team member.