A Modern Wood Burning Stove

Tired of spending hours to start your wood stove? Go from an empty wood stove to a roaring fire in just three minutes with Catalyst. Catalyst is the world’s first smart wood stove – delivering the easiest and most efficient fire for you and your family. Our wood stoves all feature unique smart technology continuously monitors and adjusts the fire to burn in the sweet spot, eliminating soot and smoke, and automatically preventing chimney fires. We guarantee it will be the best, most efficient wood burning stove you have ever used.

Don’t believe us? Read reviews from our customers or try it for yourself and see why it’s the most efficient wood burning stove out there. While the Catalyst is not currently available for sale, you can learn more and sign up for alerts about Catalyst V2.

What’s different about the Catalyst wood burning stove?

Catalyst Smart Efficiency

Save money with smart efficiency

Smart efficiency is getting the most from every single piece of wood. Unlike traditional wood stoves that overheat the room, Catalyst lets you set and maintain your ideal temperature, never over or under heating the space. Catalyst’s smart controller is continuously monitoring both the fire and your room, adjusting the burn as needed. As a result, no wood is wasted and every cord of wood goes further in our contemporary wood burning stoves.

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Catalyst Smart App

Smarter home with Catalyst app

Contemporary wood burning stoves should be easy to use. With the Catalyst app you can set your desired room temperature with the touch of a button, and your Catalyst stove does the rest. You can stoke the fire to quickly break the chill, or slow it down for a long relaxing night sitting beside your modern wood stove. The Catalyst app also helps you to understand your fire. See how much heat your Catalyst wood stove is producing and how much time is left before you need to load more wood.

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Smart efficiency in a wood burning stove

Actively prevent chimney fires

Each year, there are more than 22,000 chimney fires and thousands of stove triggered home fires reported in the U.S. Not only is it the most efficient wood burning stove on the market, Catalyst is the only wood stove that actively protects you from over-firing and chimney fires. As your fire burns, your Catalyst modern wood stove monitors the fire. If one of our wood stoves detects that over-firing is imminent, your Catalyst will automatically throttle back your fire to a safe level, protecting your home and family.

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Ultra Clean Wood Burning Stove

No soot or smoke, just clean burning

Catalyst is built to burn clean in your home, not just the lab. Catalyst’s smart controller continuously maintains ideal combustion conditions, preventing the formation of soot. That’s why in head-to-head competitions with top modern wood stove industry competitors, our wood stoves took home the low emissions prize – not just once, but every time. Our contemporary wood burning stoves exceed the stringent 2020 EPA emissions standards, meaning you get all the fire without the smoke. It’s really the most efficient wood burning stove available.

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Award Winning

Made In The USA

  • MF Fire – Baltimore, MD
  • Steel – York, PA
  • Electronics hardware – Glendale Heights, IL
  • Soapstone – Castleton, VT
  • Fans – White Bear Lake, MN
  • Catalytic Combustors – Atlanta, GA

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