Most Efficient Wood Burning Stove

Safest Wood Stove

We all love a good wood fire, but bringing fire into your home has risks. Catalyst by MF Fire is the safest, most efficient wood stove on the market today. It was created with wood stove safety in mind to eliminate the risks of traditional wood stoves, while simultaneously delivering the best experience ever: a modern, clean, safe, and efficient wood burning stove. Catalyst is the most efficient wood burning stove available, and it’s one of the first wood burning stoves that eliminates most home fire risks.

The safety innovations MF Fire developed… are huge leaps forward in wood stove safety. MF Fire has raised expectations for the level of fire safety associated with wood stoves.

Prof. James Milke, Ph.D
Fire safety expert & Past President of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Why You Need A Safe Wood Stove

Each year, there are more than 22,000 chimney fires, and thousands of home fires triggered by wood burning stoves are reported in the US, with many times that number that go undetected or unreported. For owners of wood burning stoves, these fires typically result from loading too much wood into the stove, leading to over-firing, and from behavior that includes leaving the door open when starting a fire to make it easier to get the fire going, leading to escaping embers igniting furnishings. For any home with children or pets, these behaviors have huge implications on household safety. The Catalyst is an efficient wood burning stove that simplifies the experience and puts an emphasis on wood stove safety.

Chimney Fires

No More Open Doors

Starting a fire can be hard and frustrating. To help get a fire started, most people have developed an often necessary, but unsafe habit of leaving the stove door open to maximize air flow to the fire. While this helps a fire catch in the stove, it can result in the fire catching outside the stove as well.

Catalyst is a high-efficiency wood burning stove that makes starting a fire fast and easy. Catalyst uses a special fan to deliver the right amount of air to the fire at start up so your fire will catch immediately. You never need to leave the stove door open. Just load it, light it and lock the door. Catalyst takes care of all your wood stove safety concerns and handles all the hard work to effortlessly get your fire going.


Say Goodbye to Over-Firing

We often load too much wood in our stoves to get a longer burn. This leads to over-fire situations. All that extra wood creates extremely high, unsafe temperatures that ignites creosote in your chimney. Chimney fires can turn into home fires when the intense heat from the chimney fire ignites dry studs in your walls near the chimney or flames out onto your roof.

Catalyst protects you from over-firing, which makes it a high efficiency wood burning stove. As your fire burns, Catalyst not only tends the fire for peak performance, it monitors the fire. If over-firing is imminent, Catalyst throttles back your fire to a safe level, eliminating any accompanying chimney fires. Now that is a smart stove!

Over Firing Chimney

Safe and Enjoyable

Catalyst is the first smart wood stove. It’s a high-efficiency wood-burning stove that protects your family and home while delivering a perfect fire every time. Don’t you deserve the safest and most efficient wood stove on the planet?


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