MF Fire Won MIT Clean Energy Prize for Energy Efficiency

Thursday, May 15th, 2014 Awards | Blogs & Information Comments

MF Fire won the MIT Clean Energy Prize for Energy Efficiency in 2014. The mission of the MIT Clean Energy Prize is to catalyze a new generation of energy entrepreneurs and great new companies. Each year, MIT runs a multi-stage student organized business plan competitor. It offers cash rewards to students who innovate in technology, business plans, or research.

MF Fire won the Energy Efficiency Track Prize for top performance in Energy Efficiency, as well as the People’s Choice Award, for the prototype of the Catalyst, called the Mulciber. This eco-friendly stove uses a swirl burn technique to achieve a highly efficient burn¬†– so efficient, they say the emissions are “almost unmeasurable!” As Clarknet.eng writes, “Its chimney-within-a-chimney warms incoming air and cools exhaust, which improves efficiency and reduces emissions and heat waste. Some of the heat it generates is converted into the electrical energy that powers its fans.” In addition, the wood stove learns from it’s conditions, producing a more efficient burn each time it runs.

The founders of MF Fire used the cash prize to further develop the Mulciber into the Catalyst, an eco-friendly wood stove, now available for purchase. Thank you to MIT for the honor of winning this award!