High Efficiency Wood Burning Stove

There are lots of ways to save money on energy. You can upgrade to new light bulbs, buy more efficient appliances, or unplug your gadgets when you leave the room. But none of these savings compare to the money you spend on heating your home and the money you could save by switching to a high efficiency wood stove. A little less than half of America’s residential energy consumption goes to home heating, and without a high efficiency wood stove, it’s a good bet that your money is going up in smoke.

Benefits of Our Efficient Wood Stove

The Catalyst is an EPA approved wood stove that lets you set and maintain your ideal temperature, never over or under heating your family.

A typical wood stove user spends half as much on heating as users of oil, propane, or electricity. But older wood stoves rarely have efficiencies above 50%. That means that even in carefully controlled laboratory conditions, half of your energy goes up in smoke.

In the real world it’s is even worse. Without constant adjusting, traditional wood stoves overheat rooms, wasting wood and making you less comfortable. Catalyst is the epitome of a high efficiency wood stove.

MF Fire - Catalyst Smart App

EPA Approved Wood Stove with an App

Catalyst is an efficient wood burning stove because it does things a little different. Unlike traditional wood stoves, Catalyst lets you set your room temperature with the Catalyst Smart App. Even better, Catalyst is constantly learning. Because no two homes are alike, we built the Catalyst Smart App to learn from your previous burns. As a result, Catalyst is a real efficient wood burning stove.  No wood is wasted on heat you don’t need, and you stay comfortable.

Research estimates that switching to a programmable thermostat can provide up to a 30% energy savings over more manual control methods. Learning thermostats, like the Catalyst Smart App, do even better, providing additional gains of about 20% over their non-learning counterparts. We call this boost in performance smart efficiency – our efficient wood stove has the ability to get all the energy out of every piece of wood.

Wood Burning Stove App

Translating high efficiency into savings

Catalyst is the world’s first smart high efficiency wood stove.

What does that mean for you? With Catalyst’s smart efficiency of 90%, Catalyst is an EPA approved wood stove that uses only half the wood of a traditional wood stove. Even when compared to other efficient wood stove options on the market, the Catalyst can help you use 20% less wood each winter. For a typical wood stove user, that amounts to savings of up to $400 each and every year, and $8,000 over its lifetime. The Catalyst is a high efficiency wood burning stove that put money back in your pocket!

Efficient Wood Burning Stove

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