A fire in the palm of your hand

Meet the Catalyst app

A Thermostat in Your Pocket

Wood burning stoves should be easy to use. Meet the Catalyst app. It allows you to set your desired room temperature with the touch of a button, and your Catalyst stove does the rest. Using our temperature control app, you can stoke the fire to quickly break the chill, or slow it down for a long relaxing night.

Data and Insights

See your fire like you’ve never seen it before. The Catalyst app helps you to understand your fire. With the wood stove app, you can see how much heat your Catalyst is producing and how much time is left before you need to load more wood. Monitor your efficiency with our temperature control app, and watch as catalytic and secondary combustion scrub the smoke from the fire.

Stay warm. Stay safe.

Someone forgot and left the door open again. But this time it was on your wood stove. Catalyst will use its sensors to notify you when the door is ajar or when the fire gets too hot. Accidents happen, but this smart wood stove protects you.

Get the Catalyst smart app

Download or update the Catalyst wood stove app free from Amazon, Google Play, or the Apple App Store.


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