Wood Stove 101: The perfect way to build a fire, top-down.

Have you ever struggled to start a fire in your wood stove? The problem might be how you are building your fire. The traditional method of fire building is bottom-up, where kindling and small logs go on the bottom to light the larger wood on top. But if you build a fire the opposite way, […]

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Wood Stove 101: 8 Tips to Stop Smoke Coming Out of My Wood Stove Door

Having trouble with smoke when you open the door of your wood stove? Nothing is more frustrating than getting a blast of smoke in your face when you go to reload your wood stove. Unfortunately, smoke will always take the path of least resistance, and in wood burning stoves, an open door is like… well […]

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Wood Stove 101: How to Clean Wood Stove Glass

You want to see your fire, but your wood stove glass keeps getting dirty. How do you keep the glass in wood stoves from getting dirty? You can learn how to clean wood stove glass here. With regular use, all wood stoves will accumulate a brownish black soot film or white hazy deposits. While this […]

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How To: Getting started with your Catalyst App

Catalyst is a little different than most wood stoves. While your Catalyst will begin to run as soon as you load your first piece of wood, to get the most out of your Catalyst you will need to use our wood stove smartphone app. This How To guide walks you step by step through how […]

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How To Save Money On Heating

For many wood stove users, efficiency and saving money are the biggest reasons they switched to heating with a wood burning stove. If you heat your home with wood, you can save big-time. In fact, typical wood stove users spend only half as much on winter heating as homeowners who heat with propane, fuel oil, […]

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Wood Stove Buying Guide: How to Buy the Right Wood Burning Stove in 8 Essential Steps

There are so many types of wood stoves for sale everywhere. Knowing how to buy the right wood stove is the single biggest way to avoid buyer’s remorse. Many buyers, when looking for wood stoves for sale, miss important details and purchase an inefficient wood stove because they are anxious to finish shopping and get […]

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