Why do I want a wood burning stove with an app?

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 Catalyst | Blogs & Information Comments
Wood Burning Stove with an App

Ahhh, the joys of a good fire. Crackling, glowing logs providing comfy warmth. Snuggling down with my family on a cold winter’s night. Opening the app on my phone … wait! An app? Why would I want a wood burning stove with an app?

On the surface, an app might seem like an unusual thing to associate with a wood burning stove. But if you dig deeper you can see significant new value and benefit of using a wood burning stove with an app. Before we look at these benefits, let’s step back for a moment and look at some of the challenges of wood stove use.

wood burning stove

Traditional wood burning stoves are difficult to use

In a traditional wood burning stove, substantial effort is required to start a fire. A cold start is a frustrating and effort-filled process, one that may cause you to dread using your stove. Once started, keeping your room temperature at a comfortable level is a constant challenge. Constant challenge – hopping up to adjust the damper, opening windows and shedding layers – all to try and maintain your ideal temperature. Throughout the day and night, you load the logs. Traditional wood stoves burn inefficiently, resulting in additional chopping, stacking and hauling.

At MF Fire, we wanted to solve these challenges, so we designed our Catalyst smart wood stove from the ground up to be the best wood burning stove with an app. Catalyst features a forced air design that maximizes airflow during startup resulting in the easiest and fastest cold start in the business. Load it, light it and lock it. Perfect Burn™ smart wood stove technology automatically adjusts your fire thousands of times a second to constantly deliver your ideal temperature. All while maximizing your wood’s heat potential for longer burn times and reduced wood use – no more extra trips to get more wood. Now, startup is easy, heat output is constant and just right, and the burn is long lasting and efficient.

Catalyst smart stove

Catalyst is the world’s first smart, ultra-clean wood stove

With the Catalyst Smart App, Catalyst can customize its settings just for you. Set your ideal temperature and our smart wood stove does all the work to maintain that temperature. Decide you want it warmer? Crank up the temperature at the touch of a button – no more frustration messing with a damper to try and get it right. Want more heat spread across your room or house? Turn up the blower by sliding your finger across the screen. And since your fire will last far longer, the app will notify you when your fire needs more wood at just the right time so you can comfortably know your fire will burn uninterrupted through the night.

What other benefits do you get by having your very own fire app? You get a whole new range of safety and use information. For example, your app will notify you when the stove door is left ajar, or that your stove is over firing. You can also see information about your stove use and personal health benefits from using your ultra-clean smart wood stove.

Why buy a wood burning stove with an app? Convenience, control, and comfort. I bet they have an app for that.

Paul LaPorte is CEO of MF Fire.