MF Fire in the Frederick News

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 As Seen In | Blogs & Information Comments
Frederick News Post

Our hometown is proud of the progress that MF Fire has made in the past year.  It recently featured our journey in a nice article in the Frederick News Post. Co-founders Taylor and Ryan were both born and raised in Frederick County, Maryland, graduating from Catoctin High and Middletown High, respectively.

Since graduating, the two founders attended the University of Maryland for engineering and developed the cleanest, most efficient wood stove on the market. It uses combustion techniques to create The Perfect Burn, regulating the temperature digitally and burning off excess soot along with it. As a result, our high-efficiency wood burning stoves are easier to operate, better for the environment, and require much less maintenance than any wood stove in production.

This is a timely innovation, as wood is a growing source of heat in the US.  In Frederick County specifically, 2,792 households reported using wood as a heating source in 2014, ranking it fifth in popularity. The majority of county households — about 42,935 — reported using electricity as a heating source, followed by utility gas and fuel oil or kerosene, according to the Census Bureau.

The founders have been awarded several prizes in various competitions for the innovation, including the grand prize in the Alliance for Green Heat’s 2013 Wood Stove Decathlon. Now, Taylor and Ryan are taking our high-efficiency wood burning stoves to market with several preorders locked in before the product is launched. As stated in the article, “Myers and Fisher both credit the University of Maryland in helping them to establish the company that now sells the Catalyst — MF Fire. The business is currently raising funds through a relatively new method, called equity crowdfunding, to produce and manufacture the Catalyst stove.”

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