Modern Wood Stove Helps Save the Planet – Smithsonian Magazine

How can you save the planet? Smithsonian Magazine thinks the ultra-clean Catalyst contemporary wood stove (previously named Mulciber) definitely helps.

modern wood stove

Rachel Kaufman, writing for Smithsonian Magazine, thinks that modern wood stoves might be part of the solution to foreign fossil fuels, but only if it is clean.

“The problem with most wood stoves is not the carbon dioxide, but the smoke. “Black carbon,” or soot, from wood stoves and forest fires, is now thought to be the second most significant man-made agent in climate change. It’s also a big health risk, especially in developing nations where wood burning stoves are the primary way people cook food. The World Health Organization estimates that 4 million people die prematurely each year from diseases related to smoke inhalation.”

So how do we make wood stoves better? We get rid of the smoke. Rachel says that that is what “…the Catalyst wood stove, an award-winning modern stove developed with a team at the University of Maryland, does very, very well.”

The Catalyst wood stove brings wood burning technology into the future. Not only does Catalyst reduce emissions, but it also reduces wood consumption due to its smart efficiency. Head over to the Catalyst product page to learn more about our contemporary wood stove and order yours today.