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Can a Wood Stove Heat My Home?

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There are many reasons people seek out an alternative heating system for their homes. Geographic limitations on natural gas lines, the high cost of electric heat, or the fickleness of radiators, just to name a few. If you are asking, “can a wood stove heat my house?” the short answer is “yes.” In this post, we will discuss three considerations when planning to use a wood stove as your main or secondary heating source. 

Catalytic vs. Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves

First, you will want to ask yourself if you would like a catalytic or non-catalytic stove. Both are very effective sources of heat. However, many people decide there are greater advantages to using a catalytic stove if your goal is to easily and efficiently heat the home.

  • Accurate, Easy Control. The Nova Series Wood Stoves leverage a combustor to consistently deliver the heat you need, allowing you to comfortably rely on your wood stove as your primary heating source. Just load the firewood, relax and let the stove do the work
  • Wood Efficiency. Catalytic wood stoves use a catalytic combustor to produce more heat with less wood. How? The catalyst, a metal-coated plate, turns smoke from the fire into heat. The smoke that remains after secondary combustion in your stove is burned and turned into heat by the catalytic combustor.

Add a Blower 

Whether you decide on a catalytic or non-catalytic wood stove, a blower is recommended. They work wonders when you are trying to bring the room to a high temperature quickly and help you maintain an even temperature in the home. Depending on the size of your home, a blower may be the only true option for whole-home heating. The best way to decide what size stove you need and your blower options is to talk to an expert

Can You Leave a Wood Stove Burning Overnight? 

You can feel safe leaving your wood stove burning overnight. MF Fire understands that safety comes before all else when deciding to install a stove inside your home. (Learn more about our Safety Advancements). And keep in mind that wood stoves essentially eliminate the need for stoking, meaning you can enjoy the warmth of a single fire for fifteen hours or more. If you’re looking for tips, check out our Wood Stove 101 post, How To Keep a Wood Stove Burning All Night

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