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A Modern Wood Burning Stove

Catalyst is a modern wood burning stove – clean, smart and safe. Form and function, seamlessly blended together, create a beautiful source of heat using a new approach to fire technology. From the large wrap around glass that lets you enjoy the full fire view to a sleek design that compliments your home, the Catalyst is a highly efficient wood stove that appeals to modern design tastes.

Materials + Design

Wood burning stoves should be a focal point and conversation piece. They should be beautiful and enduring. The Catalyst modern wood burning stove is built with the finest materials to complement your space and last a lifetime.


Durable and generally care-free, soapstone is a totally natural surface that develops its own patina and character over time. Its versatility and aesthetic qualities made it desirable in architecture for thousands of years and perfect top for your modern wood burning stove. It’s an investment that will see you through decades of use. Soapstone is an ideal material for your efficient wood stove.


An optional chrome door provides a sleek accent to compliment other design elements. Delivering a reflective surface to draw the view’s eye to the geometric soft angles, the chrome door provides a polished finish for the sturdy, yet modern look.

Modern Wood Burning Stove


The Catalyst modern stove is built using heavy gage steel that provides a rock-solid foundation for your stove, enabling it to withstand decades of use. The steel conveys strength and dependability, but Catalyst’s sleek lines and distinctive shape propel it into the limelight as a functional piece of art equally capable of breaking the deepest chill or sparking animated cocktail conversation


The beauty of fire is in its mesmerizing visual appeal. Large glass panels deliver a wrap around, full fire view, enabling you to see and enjoy the fire in your modern stove from around the room. Maximum glass equals maximum viewing satisfaction.

Control your fire by smartphone app: increase the temperature to break the chill, or lower it to last all night. Get alerts when it's time to reload. Even monitor your fuel savings.

Modern Control for a Modern World

Control the fire in your modern wood burning stove at the touch of a button: crank up the heat up to break the chill, or slow it down so it lasts all night. Get reload and open door alerts. Even monitor your stoves performance and fuel savings.

Automated and Easy to Use

Load it, light it, lock it™ – it’s that easy. Catalyst’s unique TurboStart™ technology makes start up faster and easier. Catalyst wood burning stoves tend the fire for you, constantly maintaining the perfect burn. Just set your ideal room temperature and let our efficient wood stove do the work for you.


Catalyst’s smart controller maintains a perfect burn and prevents soot from forming. In head-to-head industry competitions, Catalyst won the low emissions prize – not just once, but every time. Catalyst exceeds the stringent 2020 EPA emissions standards, meaning you get all the fire in this modern stove without all the smoke.

Smart Efficiency

Smart efficiency is getting the most from every single piece of wood. Unlike traditional wood stoves, the Catalyst is a highly efficient wood stove that never overheats the room or wastes wood. Catalyst’s smart controller continuously monitors both the fire and your room, automatically adjusting the burn to maintain your perfect temperature. As a result, no wood is wasted and every cord of wood goes further.

Color Cornucopia

The Catalyst modern wood burning stove is a home designer’s dream. With 110 color combinations, the Catalyst is an efficient wood stove that delivers design choices for all tastes. Pick colors and finishes that uniquely compliment your home. For Southwestern appeal, try Mojave Red with an Adobe Tan or Pewter door. Contemporary transitional calls for Charcoal and Chrome. Whatever your tastes, Catalyst wood burning stoves have you covered with more color combinations than any other modern stove available.


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