Testimonial - Prof. James Milke

Prof. James Milke

It’s safe to say that Professor James Milke, Ph.D., P.E. is a fire safety expert. Prof. Milke is the current Chair of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland and the Past President of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. “The safety innovations MF Fire developed, especially concerning fire prevention and […]

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Testimonial - Sam and Cassandra Billotti

Sam and Cassandra Billotti

In some ways, Sam and Cassandra Billotti are the perfect beta-testers for the Catalyst. The couple has been using wood or corn as a primary heat source for the better part of their thirty year marriage. The Billottis purchased their current home in Ringgold, MD in February 2010 and were excited to add the Catalyst […]

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Testimonial - Dr. Anthony Gerber

Dr. Anthony Gerber

As someone that sees patients with lung disease that is worsened by air pollution,  I’m excited for the potential of Catalyst to reduce the emission of particulate matter that is typically associated with wood burning fireplaces and stoves.

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Testimonial - Casey Willson

Casey Willson

I met Taylor and Ryan, the founders of MF Fire and inventors of the Catalyst, almost three years ago. They came to me in my capacity as Main Street and Sustainability Programs Manager for the Small Business Development Center at The University of Maryland, College Park. Their technology excited me so much on that very first […]

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