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Safe Wood Stove Advancements that Protect Your Family

Modern Wood Stove Safety Advancements One of my favorite winter activities is building a fire. I love setting the logs, stoking the flames, and settling in for quality family time around it. This is nothing new. Fires have been a center piece of family life since we blocked the cave entrance with a fire at night for safety […]

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Up in Smoke: How to Save Money with a Smart, High Efficiency Wood Stove

There are lots of ways to save money on energy. You can upgrade to new light bulbs, buy more efficient appliances, or unplug your gadgets when you leave the room. But none of these savings compare to the money you spend on heating your home and the money you could save by switching to a […]

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Why do I want a wood burning stove with an app?

Ahhh, the joys of a good fire. Crackling, glowing logs providing comfy warmth. Snuggling down with my family on a cold winter’s night. Opening the app on my phone … wait! An app? Why would I want a wood burning stove with an app? On the surface, an app might seem like an unusual thing […]

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MF Fire in the Catoctin Banner

MF Fire was featured in Founder Taylor Myers’ home town paper, The Catoctin Banner. Imagine having a wood stove where all you needed to do was add wood and throw in a match? The stove would then take things from there, getting the fire going and keeping the room where the stove is located at just […]

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MF Fire featured in our own local news

MF Fire operations were recently featured in our own local news in this excellent video article by WHAG. WHAG’s Nina Kapur paid a visit to our manufacturing facility in Smithsburg, MD to see a Catalyst test unit in operation. We’re proud to be 100% made in the U.S.A. and excited to be a part of bringing […]

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10 reasons to invest in MF Fire and our Energy Efficient Wood Stove!

Our fire scientists have been working hard to take our prototype, the Mulciber, to the next level. We now have the Catalyst, an energy efficient wood stove that delivers the perfect burn every time. At press time, there are only 10 days left to invest in MF Fire on SeedInvest. We are seeking funding to scale […]

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